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All hardwood floors require some regular maintenance and attention to keep them looking their best and lasting to their full potential. In order to best protect your Hardwood Floor, please observe the following:

  1. DO SWEEP OR VACUUM: the floor with a soft brush to prevent abrasive dirt and dust from accumulating and scratching the finish.   

  2. DO CLEAN YOUR FEET: Place long-bristle welcome mats and area rugs at every entrance of the house. Also, protect your floor from kitchen water and detergents by using rugs in front of the sink, workstations and dishwasher. Sand and water are very harmful to your wood floors.

  3. DON'T DAMP MOP: Water and wood floors don't mix! Use only the Precision Floor Care Cleaner with a micro-fiber pad or an equivalent product on your hardwood floor. The Precision Floor Care cleaner and pads are available at the Precision Hardwoods showroom.

  4. DO WIPE SPILLS IMMEDIATELY: When accidents happen and some liquid gets spilled on your hardwood floor, you should use a slightly damp white cloth, or paper towel, immediately to clean up and dry the affected area.

  5. DON'T USE HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS: Wax, oil-based detergent or any other household cleaners on the floors. These may dull or damage the finish, leaving a greasy film and making the floor slippery and more difficult to clean.

  6. DO CHAIR PADS: Use felt pads under all furniture and chair legs, in order to ease their movements and to prevent scratches. Periodically check and replace the felt pads when dirty or worn. For extremely heavy objects such as a piano, use wide, non-staining rubber cups. Purchasing floor protectors is cheap insurance for the protection of your hardwood floor investment. These and other accessories can be purchased at Precision Hardwoods Showroom.

  7. DO CHECK YOUR SHOES: Damaged or worn high heel shoes may expose a metal tip, which is certain to damage the surface finish. Keep high heel shoes in good condition.

  8. DO Protect Against UV Rays: Protect your floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lighting.  Over time, UV radiation from intense natural and artificial light will discolor hardwood floors.