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Solid Hardwood Floor Advantages

 Beautiful:  Hardwood comes in a vast array of species, from the rustic and traditional to the contemporary and exotic.  All are naturally beautiful, adding warmth and ambience to any room.

 Strong and Durable:  Premium quality hardwoods that are kiln-dried, manufactured, installed and finished to exacting standards will last a lifetime.

 Versatile:  Hardwood floors can be installed virtually anywhere at, above or below ground level.

 Easy to Install:  Quality hardwood floors are precisely milled to ensure a uniform and stable fit whether you glue, nail, or float your installation.

 Low Maintenance:  All of Precision Millings finishes are easy to maintain and are guaranteed to deliver long-term protection against normal wear and scuffs.

 Renewable and Modern:  "It's the GREEN Thing To Do". Sand and finished hardwood floors have an advantage over common engineered floors because of their solid characteristics.  A solid hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished over several generations of use, whereas an engineered floor would have to be completely replaced resulting in an overall greater cost and use of natural resources.  All of our products can be LEED and FSC certified.

 VALUE: Installing hardwood flooring is an excellent investment that will hold and even increase the value of your home, exceeding the initial installation costs.

  Real estate agents and investors recognize the value of hardwood flooring.  Solid hardwood flooring gives a room an expensive and high quality finish associated with high-end establishments and designer homes.  A properly installed hardwood floor has better acoustic properties than Engineered Wood or laminate.

  The Healthy Choice: Hardwood flooring is the healthy choice for interior living environments.  Unlike carpeting, there are lower chemical emissions and hardwood flooring does not accumulate and trap dust particles and allergens that commonly occur with carpeting. 

Tradition and Style: In the last 100 years, one thing has not changed hardwood floors remain a classic addition and a first choice of fine homes.